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Home Care Services

We bring specialized care to the lives of seniors who are experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s through companionship while reliving the caregivers and making a positive difference in their life.

Emotional Care

It relieves social isolation, such as stress, anxiety, boredom, negative behaviour, withdrawal from or loss of interest in favourite hobbies, by providing companionship and engagement in meaningful activities.

Brain Exercise

Customized games, exercises and activities that engage and protect cognitive function. Keeping the brain healthy by using it.

Falls Prevention

Once every two months, our staff will go through a government-approved falls prevention checklist to minimize the risk and dangers of having a fall. There may be things like loose rugs, extension cords, or items left on the floor and address them.

Wellness Check-ins

A short sequence of weekly questions may help identify changes in things like sleep, eating, emotional status, and social network that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. Family or substitute.

decision-maker will be informed about any concerns

  • Requires signed consent by the person receiving the service or their POA / Substitute Decision Maker to share personal health information.
  • Please note our staff are not nurses, do not have medical training and will likely not take any actual action beyond notifying a responsible contact person of the concern.

Leisure Planning

Activities aligned with the client’s leisure interests and hobbies are explored, and customized plans are both entertaining and functional. Discussion and “homework” will add structure to each day and promote a sense of purpose.

Staffing Solutions

LonGVT Supports various health care sectors in our communities from hospitals, to hospices to long-term care. As a healthcare provider, we believe in an integrated system to promote a healthcare sector that focuses on individualized needs.

Career With Us

Discover a culture where you are truly valued. We’re constantly recruiting the most professional and compassionate people to join us in our mission to deliver the best care to seniors living with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.